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There are enough books and magazines available which are covering the aspects of satellite technology and acompanied technologies in detail. All you need to know is where to look, there are enough online-bookstores available. The following books are just mentioned because they are in the bookshelf of the author and are just used as an example.
Rothammels Antennenbuch This is the absolute must have german book about antenna design. Covers also specific YAGI and HELIX antennas for satellite purposes.

Rothammels Antennenbuch
12. aktualisierte Auflage
von Alois Krischke, DJ0TR
997 Seiten
DARC Verlag, Baunatal
ISBN 3-88692-033-4
Copyright 2001

Satellite Communications Fundamentals This book is describing in depth the physical basics of satellite technology together with the mathematical models and formulas.

Satellite Communications Fundamentals
von Jules E. Kadish & Thomas W.R. East
487 Seiten
Artech House Inc., USA
ISBN 1-58053-136-9
Copyright 2000
Buch enthält eine CD-ROM

Satelliten Satelliten selbst beobachten
An old book dated back in 1969. The author M.-Dieter Oslender describes on 87 pages how to recieve satellites. A nice vintage book. It is interesting to see/read what kind of methodes and equipment people were using back when the moon landing took place.
Satellitenkommunikation Satellitenkommunikation is a german book targeting engineers and technicians in the field of communication technologies. This book describes in detail the basics of data- and telecommunication over satellites.

von Hans Dodel
258 Seiten
Hüthig Verlag, Heidelberg
ISBN 3-7785-3924-8
Copyright 1999

Satellitennavigation An interesting and easy to read book about satellite navigation.

von Georg Erwin Thaller
120 Seiten
vth Verlag, Baden-Baden
ISBN 3-88180-358-0
Copyright 1999

Spionagesatelliten This book gives a brief overview about espionage and reconaissance satellites.

von Georg Erwin Thaller
108 Seiten
vth Verlag, Baden-Baden
ISBN 3-88180-362-9
Copyright 1999

UKW Sprechfunkhandbuch The authors are giving a introduction into the various signals of satellites.

UKW Sprechfunk Handbuch
von Michael Marten und Wolf Siebel
377 Seiten
Siebel Verlag, Meckenheim
ISBN 3-89632-052-1
Copyright 2002

A publisher who has many books about satellite topics as well as electronic warfare in his catalogue and is specialized in communication technology is Artech House. This is a small overview of interesting books published by Artech House:

Satellite Broadcast Systems Engineering von Jorge Matos Gomez
Mobile Satellite Communications von Shingo Ohmori
Low Earth Orbital Satellites for Communication Networks von Abbas Jamalipour
Introduction to Satellite Communication von Bruce Elbert
The Satellite Communication Ground Segment and Earth Station Handbook von Bruce Elbert


Monitoring Times

One of the most comprehensive magazines about signal monitoring. Covers also satellite topics.

Popular Communications

A magazine for radio beginners. Covers sometimes satellite topics.


I invite your suggestions for revising this document. I plan to review and revise this document as the need arises.

Copyright (C) 07/2003 by Howard Fuhs
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